Antidote is a plugin manager, not a complete Zsh framework. If you have used Oh-My-Zsh or Prezto in the past, you might be used to a ton of out-of-the-box features like TAB completions. To get that with an antidote-based Zsh config, you’ll need to set up completions yourself, or use a completions plugin. The good news it that’s easy to do!

Manually Configuring

If you want to manully enable Zsh completions, add the following snippet to your .zshrc after you’ve loaded your plugins.

# .zshrc
autoload -Uz compinit && compinit

Generating completions can make Zsh slow to open a new shell session, so if you want to get fancy and are worried about performance you could always use caching and compilation to speed things up:

# .zshrc
autoload -Uz compinit

# cache .zcompdump for about a day
if [[ $ZSH_COMPDUMP(#qNmh-20) ]]; then
  compinit -C -d "$ZSH_COMPDUMP"
  compinit -i -d "$ZSH_COMPDUMP"; touch "$ZSH_COMPDUMP"
  # compile .zcompdump
  if [[ -s "$ZSH_COMPDUMP" && (! -s "${ZSH_COMPDUMP}.zwc" || "$ZSH_COMPDUMP" -nt "${ZSH_COMPDUMP}.zwc") ]]; then
    zcompile "$ZSH_COMPDUMP"
} &!

However, once you start to get too fancy you might be better off using a plugin to initialize your completions.

Using Plugins

For a light-weight but full-featured completions plugin I recommend the zsh-utils micro-framework. You can use everything zsh-utils offers, or just the completion portion. To use zsh-utils, simply add the following to your .zsh_plugins.txt file:

# .zsh_plugins.txt

# add even more completions

# now, configure and run compinit to initialize completions
belak/zsh-utils path:completion

Another option is to use the completion module from Prezto:

# .zsh_plugins.txt

sorin-ionescu/prezto path:modules/completion

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