Bug reports/Feature requests

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Common issues

No such file or directory

Problem: If you get a “no such file or directory” error, it may be because your ~/.zsh_plugins.zsh static file is out of date. This can happen if you remove your antidote home with rm -rf $(antidote home) and need to re-download your plugins.

~/.zsh_plugins.zsh:source:3: no such file or directory ~/Library/Caches/antidote/

Solution: Simply delete your ~/.zsh_plugins.zsh static file and reload Zsh. If you followed the recommended installation procedure and have antidote configured correctly, the static file should be regenerated.

If that isn’t working for you, you can run this command:

# re-generate ~/.zsh_plugins.zsh
antidote bundle <~/.zsh_plugins.txt >~/.zsh_plugins.zsh

Completions don’t work

For information about enabling Zsh completion features when using antidote, see the completions section.